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Patchwork: the Art of Amanda Browder

Imagine huge old buildings full of history that frame our urban environments, could be, overnight, an authentic multicolored explosion of large dimensions that seemed to come out of a naive painting passed through the psychedelic filter. That’s the Patchwork.


The textile technique of “Patchwork“, it is just what the artist Amanda Browder proposes to the communities where she works to build specific architectural interventions for each site.

The “Patchwork” is a process through which pieces such as quilts, covers or clothes are made, using remnants of totally different fabrics that can have striking prints and, usually, are brightly colored.


Well, using hundreds of meters of donated fabrics with bright tones and patterns, Browder and his teams of volunteers sew huge pieces to wrap and cover from bell to facades and offer, thus, a new perspective and a new look of all those buildings that the inhabitants are accustomed to seeing with their traditional form.

The artist defines her work, “I am in love with the transformative nature of the materials and how the combination of the familiar creates abstract relationships about the place; this relational objectivity generates an open narrative, ambiguous situations defined by the choice of certain materials“.


The Brooklyn-based artist has a degree in Fine Arts and has masters in sculpture and artistic installation; She has collaborated with the prestigious ArtPrize organization in Grand Rapids, Michigan (USA) and his work “Kaleidoscopic” is currently exhibited in several Grand Rapids locations.


It is fantastic that there are artists willing to splurge their creativity to transform a reality that is sometimes too gray, a reality that needs a touch of healthy and multicolored madness, why not?

Check the work of Amanda BrowderWeb

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