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Whales with Ocean Plastics Agonize in Budapest

We know not only whales but also the Mediterranean Sea is drowning. The impact of its ecosystem is a cause for alarm and urgent measures to ensure its survival. But Greenpeace has something to say.

The Mediterranean Sea is one of the most visited tourist destinations by Hungarians every summer, but unfortunately, tourists who come to their favorite sea have to meet another guest: water pollution. According to WWF, almost 570 thousand tons of garbage flood the sea each year, equivalent to 33,800 plastic bottles per minute.

Activists from Greenpeace put a couple of life-size sculptures of two whales that emerge from a sea of ​​plastic debris in front of the Hungarian Parliament. The great whales, made of paper, have been designed to raise awareness about the contamination of disposable plastic waste in different seas.

As the local Greenpeace activists said. “We expect the Hungarian government to ban single-use plastic bags in Hungary, as it has already happened in the neighboring countries of Austria and Romania“.


Hopefully, these artistic manifestations will serve to further pierce our conscience and put on the table a problem that screams for a solution and urgent action from all society.

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