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“Vile” Creates Stunning Optical Effects

The urban art of graffiti reaches very high levels of quality in the hands of artists who master the spray technique to the point of creating impossible dimensions and volumes where there are none, to the point of playing with our brains. This is Vile.

Rodrigo Miguel Sepúlveda Nunes (Vile), with only fourteen years old, began to paint graffiti and after having studied at two art schools in Lisbon, “ETIC” and “ARCO”, it was 2007 the year of beginning to become an independent worker, artist and professional painter.


Master the techniques of watercolor, oil, coal, digital design and tattoos, which has allowed him to evolve as a graffiti and mural artist; He is also a great portraitist, has worked for large firms and has made several individual exhibitions.

Among his latest works are these amazing graffiti that seem to have been dug into the walls and give the feeling of opening the spaces; through these three-dimensional optical illusions, their name appears as cut windows on the side of a wall.


The great professional training of this artist in the field of animation, allows Vile to work quickly and, that, is vital to carry out a work in which natural light is a determining factor in the result.

Surprisingly, it took only one day for the Portuguese artist to complete one of his latest illusions because he is very methodical in his work; He makes his graffiti armed with preparatory sketches and with a suitable color scheme to be able to move quickly on the site and concentrate on the paint.


It´s amazing the realism of his proposal, a fine limit between what is true and what is a perfect optical illusion can be defined as realistic.


If you wanna check more about Vile > web & Instagram

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