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‘Universe of Words’: Art Installation with 140,000 Pieces of Paper

I always believe that art in all its forms, painting, writing, sculpture, cinema, photography or an installation, is a vehicle for an artist to express everything he could not express in words.

Photos: Daisuke Shima

Emmanuelle Moureaux turns this idea around and turns everything that can be expressed into art with thousands of letters and paper concepts that, in an explosion of color, give rise to a fantastic installation, to a whole universe of words.

Universe of Words” is the fantasy in the form of an installation created by the French architect based in Tokyo, Emmanuelle Moureaux.


Within the framework of the Tanabata Festival and inspired by the tradition of writing wishes on paper and hanging them on bamboo branches, this origami rainbow formed by 140,000 pieces of paper hanging from the ceiling creates corridors in technicolor to commemorate the centenary of a Japanese company of soft drinks


Each sheet of paper is cut in the shape of a symbol of the Japanese writing system, hiragana.

According to Moureaux, the universe created by these floating hiraganas evokes an emotion through their stillness and infinity that, aligned with colors and ranges in three-dimensional grids, allow visitors to dive into the alphabetic tunnels and watch them closely as they look around the endless rows of symbols.

Universe of words” is part of the ongoing series “100 Colors” by Moureaux and is a stimulating invitation to immerse ourselves in our thoughts and in all those ideas that words provoke in our heads and in our hearts.

An amazing installation. Do you like it?

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