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Timeless murals by MonkeyBird are inspired by mythology and alchemy

We are well aware of the inexhaustible interest of art in the mysteries of alchemy and mythology throughout history.

The only thing that changes are the supports and the techniques but not the passion and interest in these two fascinating and timeless themes.


The anonymous artist duo MonkeyBird creates large-scale paintings with mythological animals as the center of his creations.

Most of MonkeyBird’s artwork incorporates a monkey and a humanoid bird, which represent “the two faces of humanity; the monkey is the realistic face and the bird is the dreamer,” according to 5Art Gallery, based in Paris .


The details of the old world, such as classical architecture, timing devices and scales add to the timeless appearance of the paintings of this impressive duo.

MonkeyBird members are experts in graphic and industrial design, as well as lovers of alchemy and the beauty of mythology.

Based in Bordeaux, France, MonkeyBird export their art to the rest of the world. The last stop was this October in Moscow, the place chosen to spread the wings of his fantastic art.


Really complex and beautiful. Do you like it?

You can check MonkeyBird’s work on their Instagram

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