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Thomas Dambo and his wooden giants in Copenhagen

Thomas Dambo is a Danish sculptor who works with recycled materials. In the last 3 years he has created some 25 great sculptures recycled and distributed all over the world. He made 6 giants and hid them in his hometown in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The sculptures are found in some of their favorite places in the city, where people do not go often, away from the usual paths. The sculptures can be found using a treasure map or a poem stuck in a stone near each sculpture. These give clues to find the different giants.

Thomas Dambo

He created all the sculptures with recycled wood. Mostly, with 600 old pallets, a broken shed, a fence and anything he managed to find. Each of them was made with the help of local volunteers, and they all carry the name of a volunteer.

Thomas Dambo trusts that his art will inspire others to see the great potential of recycling and how do your part to the care about the planet.

Here you can a see a video:

An excellent work, with a very powerful message. I loved it, and you?

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