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Thierry Cohen and his cities illuminated by the stars

We have forgotten how the Milky Way is in all its splendor. We have stopped looking at the sky because the stars are scarcely perceived. Therefore, I have fallen in love with this project that reminds me of the infinite beauty of the light emitted by the universe. Need to thanks Thierry Cohen.

Darkened Cities” is the name of Thierry Cohen‘s work whose purpose is to show skies, real skies, those we would see at night, if there were no light pollution or atmospheric pollution.

In the last half century, a large percentage of the inhabitants of our planet have ceased to be able to contemplate the beauty of the Milky Way. Almost all of its stars have become invisible in our skies. Thierry Cohen wants to show us the stars, help us dream again.

Cohen crossed the world to realize his project. His itinerary fused the largest metropolis in the world, such as Hong Kong and New York, with the most desert points on the planet, such as the Mojave Desert and the Amazon, according to their latitudinal alignment.

In this way, he photographed the cities by day to capture the silhouette of his horizons, and then darkened during post-production. Then he did the same with the sharpest night skies he found, in this case, in places as extreme as Western Sahara.

What would happen if we had to turn off the lights due to lack of energy? My photographic scrutiny of the quality of the night sky is also a way to reveal the urgency of the sustainable use of energy systems and the fight against climate change.

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