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The sensual world of Elena Vizerskaya

Today, I had the opportunity to see the fantastic work of the digital artist Elena Vizerskaya, better known as KaSSandrA, who contemplates reality from metaphysics, intertwining them in a perfect cohesion.

Kassandra studied at the Institute of Art and Design in Kiev, specializing in Environmental Design, in which she has never worked. She started creating his works in 2004, without any commercial intention. In 2009, considered the possibility of selling his photos, and does it in istockphoto, with an unconventional work, but one that gets great acceptance.

Her passion for photography and the creation of collages began spontaneously in childhood and became a possibility of self-expression and a way of saying something that can not be said in words. Her work can sometimes be compared with those of Dali and Magritte, due to the complexity of the artistic figures and the great number of layers of perception, although it is undoubtedly an original and absolutely unpredictable artistic language.

The female figure is the main character in most of her work. Eroticism and sensuality are implicit in his photographs, accepting nudity as a communicative vehicle and transmitter of sensations and feelings and clearly moving away from a more sexually explicit definition.

Her work have been used on magazine covers and illustrations, clothing prints and advertising campaigns. She lives and works in Kiev, Ukraine.

I want what I see, and I see what does not exist.” Elena Vizerskaya

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