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The peculiar sculptures of John Morris

The Irish artist John Morris controls different disciplines with an unusual perfection. But his favorite seems to be sculpture. After years of observing the different paradigms of pop culture and constant work, he has managed to make dolls his letter of introduction.

Without any type of censorship, his works are between the retailer and the minimalist: Sportsmen, heroines and villains are their most copious production. So I decided to show you a small proof of his interesting work so wherever you see it, be able to recognize it.

John was born in Dublin in 1958. He has been painting since the late 1990’s. Recently, he moved back to Dublin ,and is now living in Mt. Merrion.

No more talking, see his interesting work:


If you want to know more from John, check his website. Don´t forget to leave me a 👍

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