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The Greatest Tulips Garden and its 7 Million Flowers

On March 21 opened in Netherlands, my beautiful country, the most impressive tulips Eden with an expiration date. Only some privileged will be able to visit it before its closure – May 19 – until next year.

And they are already 68 springs. Each year, in conjunction with the flower season and the tulip season, millions of visitors flock to the immense and impressive Keukenhof garden.


The dates of visit change every year depending on the flowering and remain only for 2 or 3 months at the most.

With an area of ​​32 hectares and an annual plantation of 7 million bulbs, the famous tulips reign – with more than 800 varieties – in this place where we can also find hyacinths, daffodils and other types of bulbous flowers.

Since the 17th century, tulips are cultivated throughout the country as part of one of the most deeply rooted traditions and a national pride. More than 100 producers cultivate and bring their best bulbs to this garden, converting it, as we can see in these photographs, into a show.


The space of Keukenhof is divided into 4 large areas, each of which corresponds to the name of one of the members of the Dutch Royal family of the Oranje: Oranje Nassau, Willem Alexander, Koningin Beatrix and Koningin Juliana.

The word “Keukenhof” means “kitchen garden” because that was in its beginning this place; a garden whose purpose was to produce fruits and vegetables for the kitchen of Countess Jacqueline of Bavaria.

From there it evolved to become a site for the enjoyment of the senses in 1949, date in which 20 of the best florists in the country decided to use it to show their art and craft.

The lucky ones that can enjoy this orchard should not miss the great mosaic made with thousands of tulips that each year is renewed depending on the theme of the season.

You can check the Keukenhof website

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