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The fascinating salt mine of Wieliczka

In total there are 380 steps of a steep slope to enter the salt mines of Wieliczka, a town that is 14 kilometers from Krakow and that became over time an impressive tourist attraction. There are 2,300 rooms, 250 kilometers of galleries and 9 floors that make the incredible salt mine “Wieliczka” one of the biggest points of interest in Poland.

The salt-carved chapels, the sculptures, the underground saline lakes and the numerous vestiges of the exploitation of salt deposits make this mine a unique attraction in the world. Its existence goes back 700 years, when the miners carved chapels, statues, lamps, furniture, altars, among other details and decorations on the walls.

In addition to being included in Unesco‘s List of International Natural and Cultural Heritage since 1978, the Wieliczka salt mine continues to be one of the oldest companies in Europe, with an origin that dates back to the Middle Ages.

What makes the salt of Wieliczka unmatched are its dark gray and even black tones, which often puts travelers in doubt that they really are facing deposits of sodium chloride.

Why salt?

In ancient times it was considered a precious asset and was at the height of gold. In addition, the Wieliczka salt was very popular and appreciated everywhere, and over the centuries different personalities such as Copernicus, Chopin, and Mendeléyev toured its underground galleries.

With a tour that lasts almost two hours, visitors can find narrow passageways that lead to large rooms where you can see the daily work done by the miners as well as the treasures that hide these incredible salt mines. From busts to renowned personalities to replicas of chapels in the world.

Despite the fact that the salt mine is no longer exploited, many miners are still employed at the site, who are responsible for preserving the cultural and natural heritage that lies underground. They also preserve the mining traditions created over the centuries, such as carving and sculpting in salt. Every day, the miners write a new page for the history of Wieliczka.

It also has a coffee shop and a Wieliczka salt souvenir shop.

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