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The Artic melts: dramatic photographs of Tom Hegen

The photographer is known for his aerial images to create awareness about the action of the human being on the planet. His latest project captures the effect of global warming on the Arctic ice.


Greenland unfreezes and we, in turn, fall in love. The global increase in sea level is already one of the great environmental challenges of the 21st century. As a consequence of climate change, the Arctic is the place where the warming of the earth is taking place most rapidly.


Scientists predict that an increase in temperature by 2 degrees Celsius could cause the Greenland ice to melt, which could mean raising the sea level by another 7 meters.

The photographs of this series that corresponds to the name of Two┬║ celsius, are of an extreme beauty, but the reality is that they are a record of this sad situation.

The invasion of turquoise with the most immaculate white hides the warning that global warming is a real and close problem.

Tom Hegen seeks through his images to call our attention and make us aware of this fact.

“We need to show the problems that affect our planet in a way that no one can oppose, an image is a kind of test and can not be ignored, I think it’s important to use our tools to inspire people and, hopefully, make a small difference in the world,” he explains.


A beautiful and amazing work. But this is not only art, this is a
call of conscience
. This is our land, our love, our planet.

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