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Tatsuya Tanaka reinvents everyday objects in miniature scenes

It is amazing the gift the Japanese Tatsuya Tanaka has: potato chips that become dunes, a ring binder in which a game of tennis is played, a comb turned into the bridge of a Japanese folklore scene or glasses of pasta that make a bicycle.

For Tanaka, any object is a fantastic miniature scene and gives them a new dimension and a new concept, as incredible is the level of detail that gives their small protagonist figures.

I find it really incredible, an authentic genius, to work and create on that scale; the result of Tanaka’s compositions is spectacular and the advertising treatment of his captures is really stimulating.

The diorama is a type of model that shows human figures, vehicles, animals or even imaginary beings as the central axis of a composition, and is presented within an environment with the objective of representing a scene.

Tanaka‘s project, entitled “Miniature Calendar“, consists of the fact that the artist has been sharing a different image every day for 7 years, which translates into a whopping more than 2,500 dioramas.

The detail and delicate work of the Japanese artist has led him to have more than 1 million followers in the networks and to make exhibitions around the world, the last will be in Nagoya (Japan) until November 25, 2018.

The work of Tanaka is the clear example that thinking big, sometimes translates into small, and it seems really magical.

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