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“Steampunk Pavillion”: sculpture and architecture coming together

When the best of sculpture and architecture come together in an installation, creations as amazing as “Steampunk Pavilion“, a subtle conglomerate of wood that twists in knotted spirals, can result.

Photos: T├Ánu Tunnel

The tones that the wood brings to it, which has as its main subject, offer a unique autumn and avant-garde visual spectacle, located within the framework of the Tallinn Architecture Biennale (TAB 2019) that, recently, opened in Estonia.


Steampunk Pavilion” stands out among a large number of exhibitions and facilities presented under the theme “beauty matters” and which has been curated by London architect Yael Reisner.

The festival celebrates the aesthetic experience of architecture and aims, in Reisner’s words, “to raise the state of beauty in response to alienating and ecologically inadequate construction environments.”

This creation, designed by the architects Soomeen Hahm and Igor Pantic, is one of the most striking projects of the event due to the shapes that steam bent wood acquires, a manufacturing process that gives the rigid material an unusual elasticity.

With a height of 4 meters, the pavilion was created and twisted with augmented analog tools and with the aim of reconsidering the traditions of craftsmanship in search of an evolution.


Its characteristic appearance challenges viewers to reassess how they view contemporary architectural manifestations; the pavilion explores an adaptive design and a rugged manufacturing system for the precision with which it has been made.


Knotted spirals are a product of ash wood that can be bent more easily than any other wood; in addition, that some of the parts of the installation are made of thermally modified wood, ensures durability in different climatic conditions, from extreme cold and snow to direct sun.

Art does not understand rigidities, acts giving rise to all kinds of free forms.

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