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“Sea Walls: Artists for the Ocean” mix Art and Awareness

Art is capable of everything and even more on the street, when it is within reach of all those minds and hearts willing to be removed, moved and aware of certain problems that we can not continue to ignore. There is an initiative that has materialized in art and activism and is moved by a maxim: “A drop of paint can create an ocean of change“.

Art by Spok

The situation of the world’s oceans is alarming; the data thrown on pollution and number of species dying in the ocean being invaded by huge amounts of plastic are devastating.

Art by Seth Globepainter

That’s why you have to activate the alarms to create awareness and, you have to do it from all possible fronts and from all perspectives. This is how “Sea Walls: Artists For The Ocean” was born, orchestrated by the PangeaSeed Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Hawaii.

Art by Nichos

Since its inception in 2014, the network of the organization has more than 300 artists who have painted, in 15 different countries, more than 350 murals with the ocean as a theme.

Art by Curiot

With activists in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Mexico and several other places around the world, the initiative engages the public and educates the world about critical environmental issues that threaten our most valuable resources through art, film screenings and open debates.

Art by Morag Shaw

The founder and CEO of PangeaSeed, Tré Packard, says that when it comes to choosing which artists to work with and what they should paint, balance and community are fundamental.

We have always tried to create a balance between international, national and local artists, over the years, we have been nomads, we have learned the importance of community ownership […] there are many incredible local creatives in the areas where we have projects , so we work hand in hand with the local project manager to help identify the artists we invite to participate.”

Art by Carly Ealey

The murals are specific to the site, as they address issues related to the places where they are painted and that is why, some artists have even contacted local scientists and activists, during the planning stage, to better document their designs.

Check Sea Walls: Artists For The Ocean website

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