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Russian artist paints fairytale artworks onto tree trunks

Although street art can be found in virtually any cityscape these days, Russian artist Eugenia Dudnikova is taking her art back to nature.

Dudnikova takes advantage of the serenity of nature as inspiration. The heart of the trees is the blank canvas of this artist to create art. Using acrylic paints, transforms free spaces into real museums. She feels the need to return art to the art that nature gives us.

The Russian artist leaves delicate paintings in the small spaces without bark that are found in the trunks of the trees. His tiny surreal images, inspired by children’s literature, as well as being respectful of the nature he loves so much, are touches of magic in a wonderful environment such as forests.

The specific location of the artist’s work is unknown, but its clear that Dudnikova uses the serenity of nature as inspiration. Using acrylic paints, she turns bark-free spaces into tiny works of tree art hidden deep inside the forest.

The images include depictions of animals, people, and landscapes, all painted in muted pastel tones that, along with the serene surroundings, give a melancholy feel to the artwork. We know the exact location of Dudnikova’s work is undisclosed, but you can check more images of her work on Behance.


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