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In Taiwan, a 97 years old man saves his village by painting it

There are stories that are truly inspiring, that make us want everything, that make us believe that with good will and good faith a better world and any dream can be achieved. A lesson from Huang Yung-fu, better known as Rainbow Grandpa.

Rainbow Grandpa

The experience is a degree and although many think that when one reaches the third age everything is already done, that there is no desire to continue fighting, it is wrong; examples such as Rainbow Grandpa and his Rainbow Village shows us that our gray existence can be filled with life and color.

Imagine that at the age of 86, the Government of your country tries to take you from that place where all your memories live and your roots are well embedded; imagine that the bureaucracy decides to deprive you of the property that has cost you so many years of life and effort.

Huang Yung-fu was the last resident of his village and the Taiwanese government was considering destroying it to build a new apartment complex.

The Taiwan authorities offered him money to move to another place, but Huang could not imagine himself out there, so he decided to paint and fight the giant of capitalism with imagination and creativity.

Rainbow Grandpa was born in China under the fate of being a fighter who participated in conflicts such as World War II or the Nationalist Party against the communist government.

Rainbow Grandpa

When the nationalists lost, he fled to Taiwan and was lodged in a makeshift village that ended up turning into that home they intended to throw him out of; Huang remembers that they all formed a great family, until they started moving or dying and he began to fight his loneliness with art.

Huang Yung-fu started his vital business painting a small bird in his house and then continued to add cats, birds and people who began to fill the walls of the abandoned buildings of the village. Check this video:

In 2010, a young man came across this peculiar site and, after hearing the story of Huang, decided to help him by taking some pictures of the town and starting a fundraising campaign that quickly went viral thanks to the solidarity of the people.

The Government quickly understood that it had to keep the place because it has become a tourist site. Rainbow Grandpa is a really good example that dreams can come true and shed a light that fills our hearts with color and hope.

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