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Philip Barlow shows us what is to be miope

If we have never needed glasses in our lives, we probably are not even aware of how little or how many people see the world, due to myopia, astigmatism, and others. I have myopia, but not much, really. The South African painter Philip Barlow has created a series of hyperrealistic paintings that show how short-sighted people see without glasses everything that surrounds them.

We can barely make out the shapes in the paintings at first glance, everything looks blurry. But every short-sighted person will agree that this is the world when you take off your glasses. That uncomfortable feeling of being on the beach, getting out of the water, and not being sure either what your towel is or where your friends are…

Take a close look at the paintings of Philip Barlow and discover what it is to be short-sighted on your own.

“Although I work within a long tradition of landscape painting, my depiction of the ‘seen’ landscape is simply a vehicle through which I navigate territory of another nature. A landscape less ordinary; where the line between the physical and the spiritual realm has seemingly been removed. However, these scenarios are not intended to be of surreal nature. Hopefully they will seem curiously familiar and convincingly real”, says Philip Barlow.


The figures in the landscape serve as carriers and reflectors of the light that falls upon them. Bathed in the luminosity, it is my hope that they would become more beautiful. To me, light is the ultimate subject because it embodies the pinnacle of all reality”.

You can also check more of his amazing and blurry work here

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