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Peeta transforms ordinary buildings in Giant Optical Illusions

The Italian urban artist Peeta (web) combines elements of graffiti and abstract art to paint murals that seem to transform and dissolve large architectural structures.


The abstract shapes swirl and cut the walls creating optical illusions that defy common sense and logic.

The most recent location in which Peeta has painted his amazing murals is a building in Mannheim, Germany, which is part of the Stadt.Wand.Kunst 2019 street-art project.

For such a project, Peeta painted a great geometric design on a Mannheim building. Using sharp lines, curved shapes and different shades of blue, white and gray, he visually altered the edge of the structure, creating a new impossible facade.

I loved this building from the beginning and I tried to combine multidisciplinary skills to transform it while retaining its original flavor,” said the artist.

More of his impressive art:


An amazing work. Do you like it? Let me know…

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