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An old tree as a library

Sharalee Armitage Howard, artist and former bookbinder had a great idea when she had no choice but to be forced to cut a 110-year-old poplar from her garden because of its deteriorated condition: a little library inside.

little library

It took inspiration from the nonprofit organization, Little Free Library, and Sharalee thought they could create a unique space in the trunk of the tree.

little library

She and her family in Idaho (USA), excited, began by sculpting it from the inside, to then put a shelf and finish decorating it with a small roof and a glass-like door that gives a magical, fairy tale and that allows passers-by take a free book home or donate some from your library, which has interior and exterior lighting and stairs that allow easy access.

little library

Little Free Library promotes the love for reading. Since 2009, this entity has helped to install more than 75,000 exchange spaces in 88 countries, to which millions of books have been exchanged annually and to make the world a bit more friendly place.

little library

In addition to the great work they do is the personalization of each of these libraries.

If we do not have that skill to make an exchange library or trunks that can fulfill the function, let’s not despair, Little Free Library helps to set you up.

little library

A great idea that gives life to our soul and mind.

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