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Old Family Photos as Murals by Mohamed L’Ghacham

One manifestation of urban art I love the most is, without a doubt, murals art because it breaks with the aesthetics of the environment, embellishes the gray cosmopolitan landscape and, in many cases, plays with timelessness.

Ostend, Belgium, 2019

The murals, which turn the spaces offered by the cities into canvases, can be a contrast of immeasurable beauty if they have an air of classic or retro art.

Paris, France, 2017

The murals painted by Mohamed L’Ghacham are windows to an immediate past in a present that passes at the speed of light.

Mataró, Spain, 2017

The paintings of this Moroccan, and Catalan of adoption, are full of characters from decades that have passed recently and in which we identify our families, our parents, our grandparents or ourselves as children.

La Roca del Vallés, Spain, 2017

The artist lays the foundation of his creations in the nostalgia breathed in those family celebrations, an endless summer day on the beach, or in an improvised dance in the lounge.

Ragusa, Italy, 2018

The artist believes that when his works are seen on a scale the size of a wall, the personal and seemingly unimportant moments acquire a new meaning and become more emotionally resonant for the spectators in spite of, not recognizing the families captured on the walls.

Can Picafort, Spain, 2017

L’Ghacham’s technique for recreating the lights and colors of the photographs in which he says he is inspired is overwhelming.

Lioni, Italy, 2018

The artist connects the murals with their respective urban environments and remains faithful to the vintage aesthetics of the photographs that populate our albums; loose and layered strokes give the general shape of facial features and objects, but a step back from the image is necessary to appreciate the full snapshot and in its full perspective.

Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain, 2019
Vila-real, Spain, 2019

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