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Noah Berger caught the deadly California Wildfires

The photojournalist Noah Berger has literally placed himself in the line of fire to gather news footage of the United States’ worst wildfires for 20 years. Each year, he spends roughly six months documenting fire season, using his skills as a photojournalist to capture both the destruction of these events and the heroism of the firefighters who work tirelessly to combat them. Most recently, he had a front row seat to a series of wildfires in California that have made this fire season the worst in the state’s history.

Noah Berger
All images: Noah Berger

Through his photographs, we see the containment efforts of the River Fire in late July all the way up to the devastating effects of the Camp Fire, the deadliest in California history. Not just focused on the flames, Berger’s images are striking as they show the heartbreak and heroism involved in these natural disasters.

As a photographer for wire services like Reuters and the Associated Press, Noah Berger has a lot to focus on aside from his own safety in these situations.

“Most of our fires tend to start in the afternoon, so you want to have photos published on the wire before West Coast newspaper deadline. There are times when I’ve had to drive an hour to find a cell signal. In some cases, like the recent Camp Fire, the fire cut almost all cell access. In other cases, the fire is deep in the wilderness where cell service is non-existent”, said Berger.

While the effects of these wildfires are devastating, Noah Berger reminds us that the media can often give the public the wrong perception of the situation on the ground.

“When headlines scream ‘California on Fire,’ people in other states and countries tend to imagine the entire state is in peril. In reality, driving 30 minutes will usually get you well out of the path of any fire. A lot of these fires—Napa last year and Camp Fire this year—are one day of explosive flames and destruction. But the public thinks they are still raging days later. Newspaper and television coverage is largely responsible for this misconception.”

The events of 2018 have pushed the state to its limits, but with Cal Fire already adopting a new fire plan, there’s hope that 2019 will bring fewer fires and see those affected by the recent events move forward.

An amazing and incredible job. I´m speechless with those images, so beautiful and so sad. Check his website


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