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The impressive “National Geographic Travel Photo Contest 2019”

The world is so full of wonders that we would need to live two hundred lives to see and experience all the places, nature and diverse cultures and their people. And this photo contest proves it.

“Ascend” | James Vodicka | Categoríy Nature

At least, thanks to the fact that each year National Geographic convenes its photography contests, we can travel from home to all those dreamed sites and know the history behind each one of the amazing captures that are selected.

“Frozen Land” | Alessandra Meniconzi | Category People

The National Geographic Travel Photo Contest returns to be a window to the world one more year and breaking down the photo contest into three categories: nature, cities and people.

“Great Migration Of Wildebeest” | Penny Hegyi | Category Nature

These images tell the story of a place, show us the natural world or share visions of people from all over the world.

“La Flèche De Notre Dame” | Florent Serfati | Category Cities

Among all the finalist images, of which I show you some here, the winners will be announced in June; the winner of the grand prize will receive about 7,200 euros and his image will be shown in the Instagram account @natgeotravel.

“Milky Way” | Yukihito Ono | Category Cities

Also in the individual category, those who are first receive 2,220 euros, those who remain in second place will receive 1,200 euros and those who remain in third place, will receive 720 euros.

“The Importance of Marine Reserves” | Rachel Stewart | Category Nature

It´s amazing. Go to the National Geographic Travel Photo Contest to see them all here and vote for your favorite.

“The Block Tower” | Toby Harriman | Categoy Cities
“Tip of the Iceberg” | David Edgar | Category Nature
“Top of Japan” | Nick Kwan | Category Nature

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