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After being rejected, My Dog Sighs leaves art to be found

My Dog Sighs is a talented urban artist from England who created his first drawing when he was seven years old.

My Dog Sighs

Since then, everyone knew him as a child who drew well, and that was enough to set him on the path to becoming an artist.

My Dog Sighs left his job in elementary school where he worked as a teacher, decided to become a professional and began painting everything he thought the galleries would like.

However, the reality was not that easy: after visiting all the galleries within a radius of 200 miles and receiving a “no” from each of them, he lost hope for some time.

My Dog Sighs

Until one day the rat Banksy painted on a wall in London, inspired him to try again, but with a different approach.

My Dog Sighs

 It was then when My Dog Sighs began to leave his paintings on the streets for someone to find them, and not giving up led him to become one of the most respected urban artists in the United Kingdom.

My Dog Sighs

Since canvas are not cheap, My Dog Sighs began to use old objects, already useless, to create art. Then, he painted an old tin, turning it into something worth keeping, and the journey began.

Check his Instagram. It´s really great!

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