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Meet Mainhemm: German capital of urban art

The power of art and urban interventions change cosmopolitan landscapes filling them with color and transforming architecture into canvases that offer the infinite possibilities that exist in the imagination of creatives in a state of grace. And the German Mainhemm, knows.

“The Modern Thinker” (2014) | Photo: Manuel Wagner

A house full of cubist color, a facade that becomes three-dimensional by work and grace of the spray or a wall that becomes the support of an image full of naive folklore, are some of the works that we can enjoy in the German city.

“Frau Isa” (2018) | Photo: Daniel Wetzel

Within the framework of the Stadt Wand Kunst, a project of the Mannheim Housing Association in collaboration with the Cultural Office of the city, several muralists have filled the city with color, fantasy and magic by brush and sprays.

“Véra” (2016) | Photo: Alexander Krziwanie

From 2013 to the present, this wonderful company has been carried out thanks to the funding of the Ministry of Science, Research and Art of Baden-Württemberg and thanks to the good work of several artists who have lent their art in order to brighten the life to others.

“Peeta” (2019) | Photo: Alexander Krziwanie
“Intercultural Balance” (2019) | Photo: Alexander Krziwanie
“Baseball Sketch” (2016) | Photo: Manuel Wagner
“Motion” (2015) | Photo: Manuel Wagner
“900 Dogs” (2018) | Photo: Alexander Krziwanie
“Jump Through time” (2018) | Photo: Alexander Krziwanie
“The Inevitability Of Leaving Things Behind” (2017) | Photo: Alexander Krziwanie

Without a doubt, I must know this German city, one of my favorite countries, after Holland, of course … Check this pieces and more on the movement Stadt Wand Kunst

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