Maarten Baas
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Maarten Baas and his human clocks

The Dutch artist Maarten Baas produces works that stand at a crossroads between visual art, performance and design, creating manual clocks that are erased and redrawn from time to time.

Maarten Baas

In pieces such as Grandfather Clock and Schiphol Clock, Baas enters to the structure of temporary devices, functioning as the human mechanism of his works.

In other pieces of his series Real Time is helped by another artist to create 12-hour movies, like a trash line swept perpetually that doubles as the hands of a clock.

Maarten Baas

Maarten Baas began his time-based series in 2009, at the Salone Del Mobile in Milan, Italy, and is currently exhibiting a piece in the collective show Design by Time at the Pratt Institute in New York until April 13, 2019.

Maarten Baas

If you are close enough, just go and see his work. It´s really interesting.

Maarten Baas

Don´t miss Maarten Baas website here

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