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J. Henry Fair shows in his Photographs the “Industrial Scars” left by Modern Life

What better way to make the world aware of what we are doing on our planet, than with photographs?

J. Henry Fair has captured the toxic waste that is killing our planet. “Industrial Scars” is another example of what we want to call “sustainability” is, in the end, quite the opposite.

Steel – Kiruna, Sweden

Fireplaces that expel tons of smoke or toxic waste that stain the rivers, are some of the images that you can see in this photographs. J. Henry Fair has dedicated to documenting in aerial view, the damage caused to the earth.

Steel – Burns Harbor, Indiana, US

The abstract images are of an incomparable beauty, with reddish colors like lava, or yellow like the sun, as if it were liquid paint. Its creator, believes that there is no better way to get people’s attention than with beautiful images, that make you focus your eyes on them.

Potash – Heringen, Germany

The power of conviction comes later. First you have to make them look at you. And that is what he has done.

Oil. Gulf of Mexico, USA
Oil – Gulf of Mexico, US
Oil – Fort McMurray, Canada
Fracking. Springville, Pennsylvania, USA
Fracking – Williston, North Dakota, USA
Food – Luling, Louisiana, USA
Food – Huelva, Spain
Copper – Rio Tinto, Spain
Copper – Hurley, New Mexico, USA
Copper – Hurley, New Mexico, USA
Coal -Nowe Czarnowo, Poland
Coal – New Roads, Louisiana, USA
Coal – Garzweiler, Germany
Aluminium – Gramercy, Louisiana, USA
Aluminium — Bauxite waste

These images have also been cataloged and edited in a book made by J. Henry Fair, entitled “Industrial Scars: The Hidden Costs of Consumption“. Snapshots appear on the big page, to be much more impressive, and come with a small text that explains what you see. The book is available on Amazon.

Watch J. Henry Fair explain the concept behind his photographs:

Besides, you can check his Facebook page, so you can get an idea. An amazing piece of art (and we must understand all the mistakes we’re comitting).

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