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Ivan Aivazovsky and the fascinating force of the sea

The sea is my life“. Ivan Aivazovsky (1817 – 1900) was a Russian who was always in love with the sea. His paintings speak of the infinite ocean. From a calm sea off the coast, to a sea raging in the middle of a storm. From the serenity of a beach at night to the despair of a battle on the high seas.

One of the most beautiful features of the sea is that it is never the same. It is a mysterious, vast and solitary mass of water that changes with every light, with every wind. We can contemplate it with a deep blue color on a summer day or a gray blur on a rainy day.

Sometimes it reflects the light of the moon so smoothly that the surface looks like silver. In the same way, the reflection of the sun at sunset over its waters transforms them into gold. From the coast we perceive it always different but in the high seas it is even more changing.

Throughout his life, Aivazovsky contributed more than 6,000 paintings to the world of art, ranging from his early landscapes of rural Crimea to the maritime and coastal scenes for which he is known worldwide.

Ivan Aivazovsky stressed in the treatment of light in his paintings, he used to apply layers of color to achieve an effect of transparency, a technique that makes each of his works, pure artistic magic.

…and yes, Ivan Aivazovsky, I´m in love with the sea too.

…and here you could know more about him.

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