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India builds the largest bird statue in the world

In India, it seems that they like to do things in a big way; a country of contrasts, where extreme poverty prevails contrasts with some amazing architectural and sculptural projects.

The last -huge- piece of art that fights to touch the Hindu sky, is a sculpture in the shape of the largest bird in the world, a colossal eagle that has taken more than 10 years to build in the Jatayu Earth’s Center.

In the magic and unique environment of India, a tourist destination par excellence, a colossal sculpture has been erected, and is another attraction that adds to the thousands of wonders that can be contemplated and lived there.

The immense eagle, lying face up and spreading its huge wings in the surrounding space, brings back to life an old myth created by a famous filmmaker Rajiv Anchal.

It is located near Kerala and is inspired by the epic Ramayana, which tells a story about a giant eagle that fell while fighting against Ravana, to save the Hindu goddess Sita.

Residents of the village of Chadayamangalam in the Kollam district of Kerala have spent years telling the story to their generations, and now they can see the legend in stone materialized.

The sculpture is the main attraction of a center of activities in which, in addition, it can be practiced climbing or abseiling.

Rajiv Anchal, tells where the project was born, “I presented a model for this sculpture to the Department of Tourism during my days at the School of Fine Arts in the 1980s and, although they were impressed, it was not carried out at that time “

The author wants the concept of his colossal work to be cultural, not religious; according to Anchal, “Jatayu died protecting the honor of a woman and that is what sculpture represents, my work is for any type of spectator regardless of their belief“.

Many times, the legacy that human kind intends to leave on earth is truly impressive; the footprints left in our path can be of giant proportions.

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