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Hyperrealistic paintings of Artic ice against climate change

The New Yorker artist Zaria Forman uses her immense creative talent to document the devastating effects of climate change using Hyperrealistic paintings. For many years she has produced large format landscape drawings using soft pastel shades.

Made with hyperrealistic details, the images are an incredible and moving representation of the majesty of glaciers that, despite their impressive size, are rapidly deteriorating due to global warming.

Forman‘s earlier work showed instantly recognizable shapes such as glaciers and icebergs. But now his pictorial approach has changed, essentially reducing the landscape.

Forman has spent the last two years traveling with scientific missions from NASA to track the movement of ice. The result is a collection that highlights what she saw when flying over Antarctica and the Arctic. Working with scientists also inspired her to draw even more precisely, abandoning the more abstract general composition.

No matter the format, the heart of Forman’s work remains the same. Each drawing is an opportunity to communicate the alarming speed at which the polar regions merge. By showing what we can lose, with her hyperrealistic work she implores us to act urgently to help fight climate change.

Forman‘s latest works are included in his exhibition Overview at the Winston Wächter Fine Art in New York City. It can be visited from October 25 to December 21, 2018. In addition, its piece entitled Jakobshavn Glacier, Greenland, has been donated to Global Wildlife Conservation and will be auctioned at Christie’s. You can bid at the auction until November 6, 2018. One hundred percent of proceeds from the sale will help buy and preserve cloud forests in Central America.

Her work is fantastic and besides, it´s for a really good cause. Check her website

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