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Guillaume Néry goes deep with a single breath

Guillaume Néry is able to dive to 125 meters deep, breathing only once and using only muscle strength and gives wonderful images.

Guillaume Nery
Images: Franck Seguin

With his multiple world achievements and through an amazing combination of elite sport and video art, Guillaume Néry reveals the immensity of nature, shows that the human body has an enormous capacity to adapt to the aquatic environment and shares the deep values ​​that he has learned on the seabed.

Guillaume Nery

Enjoy this wonderful video, it has left me breathless!

His video Free Fall, in which Guillaume Néry appears jumping empty, using his lungs, inside the Dean Blue Hole, the second largest in the world with 220 meters deep, captures the beauty and mystery of this bay of Bahamas.

Guillaume Nery

This viral video, which was recorded by his wife Julie Gautier, has reached 26 million views on YouTube.

Guillaume Nery

However, as they themselves confessed in the US program Outrageous Acts of Science, “the idea was not to touch the bottom but to create an artistic film different from what we usually see underwater, redefining the limits and trying to dive as deep as possible.”

For Guillaume Néry, diving becomes a kind of conquest of the universe, which also allows him to access an unknown and unexplored space.

Guillaume Nery

At a conference, he explained what it experienced at the bottom of the sea, 123 meters deep and without oxygen equipment: “I feel like a small point, a star dust floating in the middle of the cosmos and of the immensity. It’s a fascinating feeling because I look up, down, left, right, front, back, and I see the same thing: a very deep blue infinity.”

Diving also allows you to connect with other values ​​such as humility, acceptance of the present moment or respect for your team: “When I am at this depth, I am a little bit of nothing that is lost in the big set . It’s a completely fascinating feeling.

Guillaume Nery
Franck Seguin, the camera eye

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