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Greenland lost in one day the ice that should have preserved until 2050

The heat wave that shook Europe at the end of July has shifted towards the boreal regions of the planet, parking momentarily in Greenland, where it has caused a very disturbing obvious effect.


Indeed, due to this circumstance, the gigantic island lost more than half of its ice surface, which simply melted due to the heat. It is estimated that about 12.5 billion tons of ice ended up converted into a sufficient volume of water to fill 64 million Olympic pools.

The images speak for themselves, as can be seen in this video:

According to experts on climate and ecological issues, this melting is anticipated in almost 30 years, as it was predicted that the Greenland glacier surface would begin to melt in this way and in this volume only until the year 2050.


On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that this is the second massive melt that occurs in Greenland in this summer season. Just in mid-June, this very worrying image of a dog sled circulated, but not on ice or snow, but in the crystalline waters of a sapphire-colored lake.

The landscape, however, was not from any tropical country, but from Greenland itself, where the lost ice had given rise to that heavenly scene.

On that occasion, researcher Steffen Olsen, author of the image, released his recording as evidence of an increasingly undeniable critical situation.

It should be noted that the thaw and heat wave are only the most visible elements of a much wider phenomenon. To the extent that everything is connected in nature, this drastic change in the temperature of the poles will undoubtedly have important effects on phenomena such as the food chain of the ecosystems in question, the survival of the living beings involved, the level and the ocean temperature and more. That is, it is not in any way isolated phenomena.

How much more destruction do we have to provoke and witness so that the human being finally reacts and puts all the necessary measures to take care of the planet?

With info from BBC & National Geographic

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