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A German Circus replaces Captive Animals by Holograms

The use of animals in circus, a sad spectacle for young and old alike, is well on the way to becoming history.

The German circus Roncalli has invested a whopping 500,000 euros to adapt his show to the holographic technique and, thus, never make use of animals.


The result is to offer an experience with fauna, but without harming any living being.


The use of animals in circus shows has become a controversial issue because of their well being, health and safety. Surely many of us will have seen starving tigers leaping through hoops or unhealthy elephants standing on their legs.

However, before most European countries began to legislate in favor of animal welfare, a German circus had already found a way for animals to continue being part of their circus shows while respecting their freedom.


The circus German ‘Circus Roncalli‘ offers an unforgettable experience with holograms of animals that not only give a sense of reality, but perpetuate circus magic.

I had the desire to show animals in the circus in a poetic and modern way. When I saw Justin Timberlake in the Superbowl singing with Prince, who has already passed away, I was very impressed with the holographic technique and got into it, “explains Bernhard Paul, director of Circus Roncalli.

Check the Circus Roncalli website.

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