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Dutch artists paint mural bookcase on an apartment building

There are still those who think that painting a mural on building walls is an act of vandalism when, it may be, just the opposite, a way to educate and brighten the lives of all the residents of a city.

Photos: Jan De Man

The murals are part of the whole world of street art and the urban interventions that fascinate me; they embellish the gray urban landscape and create impressive optical effects.


The art of the Dutch artist Jan Is De Man has a clear objective, that of creating community and interconnecting the people who live in small urban centers.

With his creations he tries to capture fantasies with which everyone can identify; his latest work has been done in the neighborhood of De Man in the Dutch city of Utrecht (Netherlands); on the facade of an apartment building, Jan in collaboration with another urban artist called Deef Feed, has recreated a three-storey bookcase / bookshelves.

After several initial ideas that did not quite convince him, he thought about creating as he explains, “a visual illusion to deceive the eye and perceive something painted as a three-dimensional object, so, I studied the shape of the house and the location where it find and, suddenly, I came up with the idea of ​​making a large shelf […]“.

“[…] I love making illusions on the walls and I like to see smiles on people’s faces and this idea could unite both.”

Photo: Natiinspire

Part of the concept was to involve residents in the artistic process, “[…] I asked people for their favorite books; people of all ages, of all cultures and of all languages ​​participated; the only rule that I established to participate in the project was that there were no political books or religious books.”

Photo: Stefanie Weijsters

Jan Is De Man and Deef Feed took a full-time week to complete the mural; They have managed to capture the spirit of the residents with a variety of their favorite books.

Photo: Elly Collen

Check the work of Jan Is De Man and Deef Feed in their profiles.

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