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Daku fills the streets of India with poems

It could be a metaphor, but no, the Indian artist Daku used sunlight to fill the streets of India with poems.

Panjim, capital of Goa, southwest India, has been the place chosen for this intervention that is becoming visible as the abundant light of the region makes its appearance every day.


A hanging fishing net with the inverted letters incorporated makes it possible for the sun to filter through it and project the texts on the ground.


Time works wonders“, “Time moves“, “Time flies over us, but leaves behind its shadow“, “Time fades“, “Time is an illusion” are some of the phrases that pedestrians they are on their way down the street 31st January Road.


The concept of time is a constant in the work of Daku that under the name of Time Changes Everything, made some time ago, was another installation in which He showed the effect of the passage of time. The ephemeral character of his work plays with this concept of temporality without giving answers, but asking questions.

With Theory of Time (this is the name of this work), Daku unites the beauty and power of words with those of light, filling the city with art.

Theory of Time was a part of the Start Goa festival and has been made in collaboration with St+art India Foundation, a non-profit organization that promotes urban and street art.

I loved it, and you?

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