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Christophe Huet and his fascinating manipulations

Nowadays, the photographic manipulations that the Photoshop tool allows and the unlimited alternatives that come from a creative mind, placed at the service of the advertising world, result in spectacular images, surreal scenes, like the work of Christophe Huet.

RATP – Harassment
Back to the Stars

Christophe Huet is a French artist who creates computer generated art and photographic manipulation with digital retouching in a miraculous way; get results from another world, where we can not discern the limits between the real and the fantastic mixing, the photographic tradition with the bizarre and excessive of the digital in an irreverent and even grotesque way.


In 2005, he founded Asile Paris, where he works with two other digital retouchers and three graphic designers specialized in 3D, who are the ones who create the structures of some works, which they do not start from a 3D render but from a photograph.


In their study of digital retouching, they have no limits, because everything you imagine is capable of being carried out and be embodied in a powerful image.


Airplanes and pianos with the flexibility of a chewing gum, environments that melt with high temperatures, people absorbed by the asphalt, zoophilic relationships and insects with personality that seem to come from Kafka‘s “Metamorphosis“, are part of the universe and the mind of Christophe Huet.


Among some of the best-known works of the French creative, are campaigns for TNT TV, Playstation, Nike, Motorola and Surfrider Foundation.




Amnesty International

You can check his website, here:

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