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Chefchaouen, The Blue Pearl of Morocco

Chefchaouen is located in the Rif mountain in northern Morocco. City between mountains, it slides through the skirt of two imposing horned peaks.

This charming town stands out for the blue color in which the inhabitants have painted their houses and streets. Each neighbor brings a different charm giving the town a fantastic, fairy-tale air, turning its land into one of the most bewitching in northern Morocco.

The visit of Chefchaouen can begin in the Outta el Hamman square, heart and epicenter of the land and continue along its cobblestone streets discovering squares and fountains around every corner or admiring its hammams, mosques, craft markets…


One of the best views of the city is reached by climbing the Ras el Ma bridge.

Hiago Marques and Tania De Pascalis, a duo known collectively as Tiago & Tania, are the architects of these spectacular photographs. With the aim of opening a “dialogue between architecture and landscape, human and nature, fantasy and reality“, artists locate the most wonderful sites of Chefchaouen.


In order to document the magical palette of blues of the city, the photographers wanted to live the city from the eyes of its inhabitants, to retransmit us with all the possible realism, the beauty of one of the most fascinating corners of the earth.


I need to visit this paradise. Have you been there? Let me know…

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