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The best drone photography of 2018

We are many who, repeatedly, imagine or dream flying, and it is not only because of the feeling of freedom and fullness that has to be felt, it is also because of the desire to know how the world looks from a bird’s-eye view, which perspectives and what forms we are missing from the world and its inhabitants. But now we have the drone photography we now have like drones do.

The truth is that since the development of drone technology, the advances in photography and videos showing impossible aerial shots have been impressive, so it is not surprising that there are entire communities of fans of these devices and that there are fantastic competitions and fantastic selections of images resulting from them.

Dronestagram is one of those drone photography communities; it was founded more than 5 years ago, and in it, professional and amateur photographers share their best captures with drones.

In this gallery you can see some of the best photographs of the past year, in which more than 5,000 photos participated; the chosen ones as the winners or the best were selected by a jury of 6 experts, among which were Ken Geiger, winner of the Pulitzer Prize or Jean-Pierre Vrignaud, editor in chief of the French edition of National Geographic.

Eric, one of the members of the jury, described how they chose the best images, “A good drone image should have a strong verticality and also show close-up scenes, giving a perspective that can only be taken by a drone; artistic as much in its approach as in its style and, if it is possible, to show part of the human life or of the wild life“.

Eric, also advises to learn to drive drones starting with a cheap one, and once you know, invest in a quality one with a good lens to take good pictures; It is essential to respect the laws of each of the places that are overflown.

The result of some photos is truly spectacular; tops of trees forming chromatic mosaics, ocean waves breaking on the shore, a volcano invading earth with their tongues of fire, strange faces the wind on a field or islands shaped fish are some of the magical perspectives the human eye can not perceive at ground level. Check the top three and other fantastic ones:

First Place: “Bathing Hippos”, Tanzania, by Zekedrone
Second Place: “Fishing Boat”, Vietnam, by Trung Pham
Third Place: “2 Dogs, 2 People and 4 Shadows”, by Qliebin
“Lion Vs Drone” by Bachirm
“In The Middle Of The Winter Forest” by Photographersworld
“Harvest Water Lilies”, Vietnam, by Tuan Nguyen
“A Collapsed Truck”, Russia, by Drone Nest
“Cote Rocheuse” by Dronecopters
“Lightning Over Kuala Lumpur” by Pete Demarco
“Harvesting Grass” by Tuan Nguyen
“Between Two Worlds” by Thedon
“Creta’s Beach” by Matayo
“Black Sand Beach” by Balazs3

You can visit Dronestagram

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