Anton Repponen

Anton Repponen recreates 11 icons of New York

My first post will be dedicated to Anton Repponen, an interesting visual photographer who makes us understand how architecture has everything to do with context, either as a way to find harmony, or as a reaction against it. But what happens when you take the context of the image?

Anton Repponen, a photographer and designer with architectural experience, took 11 of the greatest architectural icons of New York city, from the Empire State Building to the New Whitney (Renzo Piano), in his “Misplaced” photo series, and moved them to deserts and jungles all over the world.

In the website of Misplaced Project you can read this: “Eleven New York City landmarks have been misplaced, their current location unknown. Photographs of unclear origin appear to show them scattered across the globe – on sand dunes, mud flats, “lunar” plains, and rocky beaches. Nobody knows exactly what happened or why. Did they act of their own volition? Was there foulplay involved? What does it all mean? Stories trickle in from the future, from architects, online reviewers, and the buildings themselves, but these only add to the confusion. Your curiosity and help is much appreciated”.

With buildings located in “wrong” conditions, viewers are challenged to evaluate the architecture from another point of view. In Anton Repponen look, each structure is as alive as we are, and its new location is a mystery with motives to discover. But, let´s see them one by one.

Structures “Misplaced”

1. Breuer Building:

Anton Repponen

2. Guggenheim Museum:

Anton Repponen

3. Headquarters of the United Nations:

Anton Repponen

4. IAC Building:

IAC Building

5. The New Museum:

The New Museum

6. Whitney Museum:

Whitney Museum

7. The Standard:

Anton Repponen

8. Metropolitan Opera:

Anton Repponen

9. 8 Spruce Street:

Anton Repponen

10. Cooper Union:

Anton Repponen

11. Chrysler Building:

Anton Repponen

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