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An Impacting Installation in Turkey in Memory of 400 Women Victim of Violence

There is no doubt that sexist violence is one of the worst blunders our current society suffers: the figures add up every day and are overwhelming, and a reflection of a problem that needs solutions that involve basic errors. And Turkey in on the list.


You have to mobilize, denounce and raise awareness about a terrible reality that is happening with an astonishing frequency and that does not understand social strata, nationalities or races, which does not understand fundamental human rights.

Turkish artist Vahit Tuna, moved by the news about women killed at the hands of their partners and the movements in social networks in favor of eradicating sexist violence, decided to use the footsteps of the 440 women killed in their country by abuse last year.


In memory of all of them and with the aim of making this scourge visible, since he considers that information is power, the Turkish artist and graphic designer has created an impressive installation consisting of 440 pairs of shoes that are suspended from the facade of a building .

The reports dictate that around 40% of women in Turkey suffer abuse in their homes but, because it is something that is seen and reported daily in the news, it tends to be forgotten soon.

Therefore, Vahit believes in the importance of remembering it, that it remains in the collective memory and is not simply something that can be overlooked.

Despite the good intention of this artist to dignify the memory of all those that are no longer there, the choice of high-heeled shoes to create their installation, has not been without controversy.


“The reports indicate that about 40% of women in Turkey suffer abuse in their homes but because it is something that is seen and reported daily in the news, it tends to be forgotten soon“.

The artist justifies his choice on one hand, because he recognizes that he was looking for a certain aesthetic in the installation that flat shoes did not give him and, on the other hand, because he considers that high heels are a symbol of feminine power and independence that he would like all the women had.


Apart from controversies, I believe in the need to burn ourselves in our heads that the footsteps of thousands of women around the world will not be heard again, and that is something that we must work together so that, someday, these are not necessary interventions that, unfortunately, today are.

What do you think?

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