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Amazing Worlds: stunning close up photos of everyday objects

A photographic project by self-taught composer Pyanek -“Amazing Worlds“- reveals details of our everyday lives from a new perspective. Foods and objects are captured with a macro lens which turns them into distinctive close up photos that inspire awe.

Beach Stone

“It’s an exploration of the details of everyday things we might commonly dismiss. In the process of making this series, I experience them as adventures into the worlds within our world”

close up
Book pages

The close up photos show an unfamiliar complexity of the smallest things and teach us new ways of seeing them. The details, otherwise imperceptible to the naked eye, are laid out for us to interpret however we like!

Brass key

“I’m a self-taught composer & photographer, I teach English as a foreign language and have a photo booth business with my wife. Nowadays I’m not working on photography but would love to make another video similar to Amazing Worlds one day, yet with a different theme.


I have plans for it already but don’t know when I’ll be able to start working on it. I’m 32, married, polyamorous, I love film, non-cheesy electronic music and everything related to personal and collective emotional and intellectual growth. I’m currently finishing a deep-listening music album”

Chocolate cookie

“I use the reverse lens technique, which consists of reversing the normal DSLR lens and attaching it back into the camera using a reversing ring to lock it in place.”

close up

“It starts by just experimenting, mainly putting things under the lens and seeing what they look like. When I see something I like I make changes to the position, lighting, background, etc. again just to see what it looks like. Everything is very DIY, the only equipment is the camera and a tripod, the rest is just piles of books, sticky tape, other random objects to hold things in place and then mostly natural light and long exposures.”

close up
Coffee Bean
Grain sugar
Incense stick
Kitchen sponge
close up
close up
close up
Serrated knife
close up
Soap foam
close up
close up
Steel sponge
close up photo
Ballpoint pen
close up
X key of a computer keyboard

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